Crusher Information

How to order Spare Parts

Please follow the following instructions while ordering the spares:

  • Always give Sr. No. name of the Part and Code No. to send you the correct material.
  • While ordering Jaw Plates, you have to give date of purchase of the machine to enable us to send to you the correct size of Jaws and side Plates.
  • While ordering Toggle Plates, always check the length of the Plate i.e. 15, 15 1/2 ", 16", 16 1/2'" etc. and give correct size.
  • f jaws are worn out then ask for higher size toggle plate i.e., if you are using 15" then ask for 15 /2 or 16"

Before Starting of Crushes

Before starting of crusher first clean off the crushing chamber. See whether any boulder/stone is remained in crusher chamber, if so remove it by flywheel rotations with hand, you have to take following care before starting the crusher.

  • Check the foundation bolts & always tighten the same
  • Check the flywheel keys. Fix it properly by hammering if these are loose.
  • Check the screen fitting, feeding hopper fitting bolts and Jaw Patti bolts. Please tighten all these bolts
  • You have to check whether greasing is done properly as mentioned in chapter VII.
  • Please check its prime mover (Motor or Engine) and belts properly.
  • Then start the Machine.
  • Always start feeding the stone material when crusher will pick-up the full speed

General Instructions
Your crusher needs proper maintenance and operations for longer life of parts and smooth working in day-to-day operations, the following care must be taken regularly,

  • Proper Lubrication of Jaw Stock Bearings and side body bearings.
  • Proper Size Fitting of Toggle Plate.
  • Use Steal Plate.
  • Do not use sub-standard spares and always order genuine spares from the original manufacturer.
  • Avoid too much tension on spring. Keep always safe distance between the leafs,
  • Do not run the Machine without proper greasing and Oil SAE-40.
  • Use proper ratio of oil and grease for Jaw Stock lubrication, as shown in table.
  • Use correct sizes of Jaws, Side Plates and Toggle Plates for trouble-free operation.
  • Always use systematic method for opening and assembling the crusher as given in the manual.
  • Do not allow stone to fall in-between Body and Flywheel.
  • Always use Flywheel Guards of Feeding Hopper with Safety guards for Safety of Man and Machine.
  • Always check and tighten the Foundation Bolts to avoid vibrations.
  • Always feed the boulders/material uniformly in crusher mouth than feeding at one end.
  • Any Iron material should not be allowed with boulders/material; otherwise it will damage Crankshaft, Bearing etc.
  • aws should be changed immediately no sooner they are worn-out.
  • Man should not lean on crusher mouth while feeding the material. Sometimes stone Chips come out due to crushing and it may hit the person.

Jaw Setting Method


  • Loose the Toggle Block bolts. Part No. 11
  • Loose two turn of spring nuts Part No. 15
  • Adjust Wedge Block up or down as required.
  • Tighten the Toggle Block Bolts
  • Tighten the Wedge Block Bolts.
  • Tighten the Spring Nut.
This above Procedure to be followed after desired Jaw Setting.First you loose the Toggle Block bolt No. 11. Also loose the spring nut No. 15 one or two turns. Then adjust the Wedge Block NO.1 0 up or down as required for desired Jaw Setting. Tighten the Toggle Block bolts after adjusting Jaw Setting. You can check the Jaw setting by rotating Flywheels. The Toggle Plate will get adjusted automatically. Then, tighten the spring nut to its original position.


In case there is noise from the Toggle Plate, then tighten the spring nut more which helps to keep the Toggle Plate in tact. The distance between two spring leafs should be 9 to 10 mm. min. and should not be reduced further.

How to change Jaws for fixing new Jaws

Procedure for opening
  • Remove the Side Plates and bolts. (Part NO.1 0, 11 & 19)
  • Remove Fix Jaw (Part No.4)
  • Remove Jaw Patti and Bolts (Part No. 30 & 22)
  • Remove Moving (Swing) Jaw (Part No.5)
Procedure for Assembly
  • Fix the Fix Jaw on Body.
  • Fix Side Plates and Bolts.
  • Fix Moving (Swing) Jaw.
  • Fix Jaw Patti and tighten the Jaw Bolts.

NOTE : The Moving (Swing) Jaw should always be at the centre of Jaw stock and the teeth of Moving and Fix Jaws should mesh with each other and should not touch with each other.

How to change Fix Jaw only.

How to change Fix Jaw only.
  • Remove Side Plates.
  • Remove Fix Jaw
  • Fix the side Plates and its bolts.
  • Tighten the Jaw Bolts and Jaw Patti Properly.

  • Remove Moving (Swing) Jaw.
  • Then, Fix New Fix Jaw.
  • Fix Moving (Swing) Jaw and Jaw Patti with Jaw bolts.

How to change Toggle Plate

  • Loose Adjusting bolt and Toggle Block bolt and also Spring tension
  • Press the Adjusting block (Wedge Block) down.
  • Lift Jaw-Stock up by Iron Rod putting it into Hook.
  • If Moving Jaw touching to Fix Jaw then remove Moving Jaw.
  • Remove Toggle Plate old one.
  • Fix New Toggle Plate in Toggle Bearing at Toggle Block and the other end in Jaw-stock Toggle Bearing.
  • Adjust Jaw Setting, as required.
  • Tighten the spring nut for giving tension on spring.
  • Tighten the Toggle Block bolts after the desired Jaw Setting.


1. In case you could not lift the Jaw-stock by Hook, then remove Jaw Patti bolts and lift the Jaw-stock by putting inside iron rod in Jaw Patti Bolt holes.

2. If your Jaws are worn-out, then select oversize Toggle Plate.

3. If you are getting oversize crushed material, then change the Toggle Plate.

How to change Toggle Bearing at Toggle Block Procedures

  • Remove Toggle Plate.
  • Remove two side bolts.
  • Fix New Toggle Bearing and tighten the side bolts into Toggle Block.
  • Fit the Toggle Plate into Toggle Bearing and other end in Toggle Bearing at Moving Arm, as mentioned above.

How to change Toggle Bearing at Jaw-Stock (Moving Arm) Remove Toggle Plate.

  • Remove the Toggle Plate
  • Remove the Toggle Bearing
  • Fix New Bearing Properly in Jaw-Stock seat.
  • Fit the Toggle Plate as mentioned.
  • Tighten or loose spring nut as required, for holding Toggle Plate in-tact.

Lubrication System

Lubrication of Bearings is very much essential for smooth and trouble-free operation. You have to do lubrication of side body bearings and Jaw-stock bearings as mentioned below.

A) Lubrication for Side Body Bearings:

You have to fill the grease through the grease nipple size 5/8 II provided on bearing cap. Use force gun to fill the grease and always give rotations to Flywheels for thorough and uniform, circulation of grease.

Also clean the body Bearings once in a 4 to 6 week by following procedure.

  • Open Body Cap by loosening studs and side cover bolts.
  • Pour little diesel oil on bearing and rotate Flywheels which will clean the bearings, (Not necessary to remove from body.)
  • Clean it with waste cotton and apply new grease thoroughly by hand by rotating Flywheels.
  • Fill bearing cap with grease and fit it on bearings as shown in figure NO.6. This will improve the life of your bearings and smooth operation.

B) Lubrication for Jaw-Stock (Moving Arm)

First mix Grease and Oil at Ratio 1:1 together. Mix it properly by well stirring before filling it. Fill it through the Grease Nipple or Stauffer Cup provided on Moving Arm. Use funnel for pouring oil and grease together.


NOTE: You have to do overhaul maintenance of crusher fully once in six months for smooth operation and longer life of spare parts bearings etc.

Lubrication Quantity For Moving Arm Bearing
Lubricats 20" x 10" 16" x 10" 14" x 7" 10" x 5"
Grease 20" x 10" 16" x 10" 14" x 7" 10" x 7"
Oil 1 Kg 1 Kg 1/2 Kg 1/2 Kg

Always keep a check on lubrication system to get longer life for Bearing and related contact parts. Do it regularly as mentioned above.

General Problem and Solution

Sr.No Problem Sr.No Solutions
1 Over size Crushed material 1 Check the Toggle plate whether it is worn-out. If so change it.
2 Change the proper Jaw if worn-out
3 Keep the proper Jaw Setting
2 Noise in the Toggle Plate 1 Tighten the Spring Nut.
2 Select correct size (length) of the toggle Plate.
3 One side of side Plates and Jaws worn-out. 1 Check feed of material properly whether it is uniform or not.
2 Always feed uniformly in crusher mouth.
3 Check Toggle Plate and Toggle Bearing which might worn-out at one end, if so replace the same.
4 Noise in Bearings 1 Use Proper grease and SAE-40 oil for Jaw-Stock Lubrication. Do it regularly as mentioned in the Manual.
5 If Adjusting Block bolt is more at upside than normal 1 Change the Toggle Plate
6 If The Crushed material Rolling inside the screen. 1 Check the slope of screen mounting
2 Provide slope of 5'' to 6'' Inches for smooth screening and oversize material will be thrown at out at rear end.

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