Mobile Jaw Crusher

Trolley Mounted

Due to customers increasing demand of having crusher with mobile trolley to Enable them to move the crushers conveniently at any Place we supply all our models with mobile trolley having tyres which helps to take crusher at any working site. Can be run with engine or motor by DG set. Both arrangement can be provided if required.

A) Fixing of axle with tyres :

You have to remove the bottom legs of Trolley by lifting upper legs with the help of screw Jack. Then fix the axle with tyres to front and rear end with turning handle. We provide turn table with proper greasing for easy movements, on curve and zigzag

B) P.T.O. Pulley attachment : (Mahindra & Mahindra Make)

We supply rigid trolley on which positive transmission drive of P.T.O. Pulley, reduction Gears, Sprockets and chain attachments. The speed is transmitted from Flywheel of crusher to P .T.O. Pulley and to the screen through chain sprocket drive. This attachment supplied with safety guards on chain sprocket drive and chain tightners are provided.

C) Screen attachment :

We supply screen and sprocket drive seperately which is coupled together with universal joints and flanges as shown in Fig No. III. This can easily take load and misalignments. The advantage of the universal joint is that the screen can be removed easily by removing bolts of the flanges only. The three Nos. pedestal bearings are provided by considering the load factors and hence the operation is very smooth.

D) How to remove screen from joint :

First, loose the Pedestal Bearing on Screen Shaft at screen end. Then loose the bolt NO.7 which is drilled through Flange and Screen shaft, By removing bolt and pedestal bearing, screen will be free and can be removed from Flange NO.9 which is coupled to universal joint NO.8. You can change the pedestal bearing also easily at screen

E) How to increase Crusher Speed gradually

You have to increase the Engine speed gradually by advancing its lever which is fitted on threaded bolt and wheel at other end You can rotate the wheel gradually, so as to get the crusher speed gradually and uniformly. Always make lever neutral before starting the Engine as shown in Sketch, otherwise there will be too much load on Engine shaft which might be broken. Also do not move because Engine speed is set with respect to crusher speed 300 to 325 Rpm

F) Sliding Screws

You can tightenn the belts from Engine to crusher by way of sliding screw mechanism Screws are fitted to channel on which Engine is fitted. the channel slides as per screw rotations given by hand.

We provide water cooled Engine for 14"x7" and 10"x5" Models.You have to keep the water tank in such a way that pump suction i.e.water inlet to pump and water outlet of tank should be on the same level

We hope that we could give the sufficient and required operational information about our products to our valued customers in this manual which will be helpful to you for your day to days operation and maintenance of the products.

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